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Mayfair Games  |  SKU: CN3109

Catan Dice Game (Deluxe Edition)

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Designer Klaus Teuber
Publisher Mayfair Games
Players 1-4
Playing Time 30 mins
Suggested Age 7 and up

The Catan Dice Game XXL Boxed Set, released in 2009, consists of a box with six dice, one felt pen, one dice cup (that is also a container), and four laminated/reusable score sheets with both the original Catan Dice Game map and the variant map of Les Colons de Catane: Le jeu de dés.

It must not be confused with the "Catan Dice Game XXL Variant", which is a print and play map for up to 4 players and variant, true interactive, rules downloadable from Catan.de site.

If you own this Box, please consider subscribing to the subcomponents Catan Dice Game and Les Colons de Catane: Le jeu de dés instead or additionaly, to get all Info!