Camel Up (New Edition)

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James Wiederer

Great family game. Kids loves it!

Katie Lau

Camel Up (New Edition)

Graeme Kaberry
Fun fun fun

Seems a little complex at first, but it’s easy to play and fun to try and guess the winner and loser.

Terry Buehl
Surprisingly fun dice roller

Camel Up is far from a strategy game. Indeed, your success in the game comes mostly down to a roll of the dice and Lady Luck. However it’s surprisingly fun for even a strategically minded gamer. The components are solid as is the game design. And it really shines when it comes to its theme. With five or more players it really shines

Andres Mostaccero
Camel up! Fun once you play a few roudns

If I could give a 4.33... (repeating of course) stars I would, but because this game wasn't truly a "5", it gets a 4 here.

I guess I will start with the negatives. I think at first the rules are a bit messy, I wish they had reference cards for all the players on what you can do on your turn to avoid any confusions. Also the layout of the final winner and final loser was a bit weird as there's no clear text.

Now to the good. The game was a blast, and once you start using your tokens and abilities you can see that they have a real effect. You're also competing against your buddies to see who can hoard the most money. The board is beautiful, the pyramid adds an element of suspense. I really really enjoyed this game!

Now to the small gripe. The game is a win, or win more type of game. What I mean by this is that every round, you don't really lose money, you can either gain money, or gain more money. On the other hand, because you are competing with your buddies on who has the most money, you don't truly know who has the most until the camel crosses the finish line and tally up your earnings!

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