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Board Game Truck - The Tank (Ash)

$139.98 CAD

$139.98 CAD

Note: The color of this bag is in ASH

As the name suggests, the Tank has enhanced shell damage and traverse speed, oh wait thats the wrong tank. Our Tank assists you in plowing through game conferences and hoarding as many games as you can without ever realizing that you are carrying games on your back. The bag features 4-5 games carrying capacity in the main compartment and adjustable compartment in the top section of the bag to carrying those small family and party games so that it doesn’t get crushed by the big guys in the main compartment. We understand that hand-carrying a bag with 4-5 games in it requires some advancement in Biceps and Deltoid. Even shoulder straps can put displeasing pressure on your collar bones, unless you are a big fan of perpetual shoulder shrugging dance routine that is. Hence, we believe backpacking is the way to go. 

The Tank has reinforced backpack straps and soft padding on the back to sooth the weight. To redistribute weight pressure, a chest and waist strap is provided so the weight is partially transferred to the chest and lower the pressure on the shoulder (a good way to shave off some reps off the bench press from your lifting routine we must say). It also comes with a removable leather handle to convert the strap into a handle for hand carry. The Tank is perfect for a weekend getaway where you can stock 5-7 games, put the bag in your car, and drive off to play 'til you drop.  PS: The Tank can fit 4 Flatbeds and or 2 Bulwarks in it for an extra overprotection, perfect for Helicopter parents. 

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