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Beezi: The S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G Game

This spelling game uses a special six-sided die with different bees on it - Stinger, Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Bumble Bee, Digger Bee, Killer Bee. On a player's turn, the die is rolled and depending on the bee that appears, the player draws a card (different bees have different degrees of difficulty) with a word to spell on it. The card is passed to the player on the left, who acts as Beekeeper and says the word on the card. All other players try to spell the word on their writing pad. If the player whose turn it is spells it correctly the player gets the indicated number of beez which are then placed on a honeycomb board; if that player misspells the word, the other players who spelled the word correctly get a beez, Rolling the Stinger causes a missed turn, and the Queen Bee gives the opportunity to earn double the number of beez.

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