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Battleground: Kingdoms

In Stock

$14.95 CAD

Designer Andrew Gross
Publisher Your Move Games
Players 2-12
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

Battleground: Kingdoms is a campaign system and scenario generator designed for use with the Battleground: Fantasy Warfare system.

Battleground: Kingdoms uses map cards and scenario cards to create a wide range of possible battles. If you want a single battle for a normal game, a die roll will determine the force levels available to each player. In a multi-round campaign, players begin with 1500-point battles and access only to core units. As the campaign progresses the size of battles grow and players buy buildings that expand their options. By the end of the campaign, players are fighting epic battles with access to their full army as well as dragons, giants and mercenaries for hire.

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