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Clicker Spiele  |  SKU: 40547735633971

Battle of the Nations 1813 (Import)

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Designer Stephan Riedel
Publisher Clicker Spiele
Players 2
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up
Expansion Battle of the Nations 1813: Connewitz & Wachau

After the devastating defeat in the Russian campaign in 1812, Napoléon Bonaparte withdrew with his army to Dresden in 1813, where he was pushed back to Leipzig by the great powers of Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Sweden. After the first contact with the enemy on 14 October, a cavalry battle near Liebertwolkwitz, which ended with much luck in favor of the Allies, Bonaparte now seeks the decisive battle. With the guards and eight corps, he has 210,000 men at his disposal, including 14,000 horsemen and 700 guns.

In the two-person game Battle of the Nations 1813, you take over the role of Napoléon and his opponent Prince Schwarzenberg. The aim of the game for Napoléon's French army is to occupy and successfully defend several towns around Leipzig. The allied troops under Prince Schwarzenberg try to prevent this in return.

At the beginning of the game, Napoléon receives face-down mission cards from different districts. These cards show him which towns he has to occupy. Depending on the level of difficulty, Napoléon receives different numbers of victory points for completed mission cards. The mission cards also show Napoléon how many points Prince Schwarzenberg wins if he does not complete the missions.

—description from the publisher