Bang! The Dice Game

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Shawn Ens
Incredible Fun!

All the good stuff from the card game but packed into 15 minutes. Super easy to teach and play with pretty well anyone.

Monneth Manalo
Super fun!

Definitely better than the original ! More fast pace , just have to find more people to play with as it's not as fun with less than 5 people.

Matthew Scholz
Better than the Original!

The Original Game used to be a staple in our house. We love it, our friends love it, but the game is a little bit too long. Bang! The Dice Game gives us everything we need from the original plus alot more. I love the risk aspect with the dice. We can play 3-4 games in the time we would play the original. Love it love it love it!

Carl Peters
Great little party game.

Fun, quick, social deduction game for up to 8 players. The fact that it’s short means we almost always play at least two games in a row. I’m not a “Spaghetti Western“ fan but that doesn’t diminish the fun factor for me.

Mark Edward
Super filler game

For what this is game is , I think it's great. We often play this to end the night. Just a good time.

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