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Aventuria: Forest of No Return

$30.95 CAD

$30.95 CAD

Designer Michael Palm
Lukas Zach
Publisher Ulisses Spiele
Players 1-4
30-90 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up
Expansion For
Aventuria: Adventure Card Game

The Throne of Nostria is in danger! Brave heroes are wanted, to do a dangerous journey to the "Wald ohne Wiederkehr" (Forest of No Return) and bring back the parchment from the king back to the court. Dangerous things awaiting all that go on that journey and some heroes losses their life there. Are you ready for that challenge? The Wald ohne Wiederkehr contains an adventure with the same name, that interpret an old The Dark Eye classic adventure. It also contains two short adventures, Kopfgeld (bounty) and Selemer Wahn (Selemer delusion), and also the new hero Hilbert von Auen (Hilbert of Auen), a priest of the goddess Peraine, how has mighty liturgies to win against his foes.

Forest of No Return is the first expansion for the Aventuria Card Game. This box contains the adventure Forest of No Return in three acts as well as two short adventures (Selemian Delusions and Head Money). Additionally, it introduces a new hero, Hilbert from Auen, a Blessed One of Peraine who uses his liturgical chants to support his companions and put the fear of the Twelvegods into the enemies.

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