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Assault on Doomrock: Doompocalypse (Includes Promo)

$52.95 CAD

$52.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Get ready for Doompocalypse!!!

The first major expansion to Assault on Doomrock, featuring added simple terrain rules and cards to every possible deck.

What do you get in the expansion?

Expansion rulebook
7 new oversized encounter cards
9 oversized revised encounter cards from the base game
54 AI intelligence cards for the new encounters
6 AI cards for old encounters
9 double sided male/female hero cards (3 are new)
11 revised trait cards
3 setting cards
14 area cards
20 terrain cards with 26 terrain tokens
2 large tokens for dividing the battlefield
21 starting ability cards
15 level up ability cards
10 common item cards
10 epic item cards
6 wilderness event cards
6 mountain event cards
5 additional silver/gold tokens
2 boss markers
2 minion markers
3 hero markers

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