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Robert Sera
Good game

This game has a lot going for it:

- lots of interaction between players (for a Euro) which means you really have to watch what others are doing (this is not multi-player solitaire)
- plays very quickly (once you understand the rules)
- makes sense thematically (more than most Euros I would say)
- medium-ish brain power, but no brain-burner
- colourful, interesting art


- rules were a headache to figure out (took more effort to read than a lot of Euros I've played)
- rules take a long time to explain to new players
- set up is a little longer and more fiddly than I like, but that's a minor complaint

Rules were a bit of torture to get through but the game play was very quick. The game felt a lot lighter than it looked on paper. I've played five times, twice with two players and thrice with three. We all agreed it was very good. I can't understand why this one isn't ranked higher.

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