Arkham Horror: The Card Game (Revised Core Set)

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Arkham Horror: The Card Game (Revised Core Set)

Nathan Seyler
Addictive, thematic fun!

I bought it because I liked cosmic horror. Turns out I like card games now too! The game is dripping with atmosphere and has lots of replayability right out of this core box. I've only played solo and it's great!

Jonathan Sepulveda
Worth it but only if you commit

love this game although it gets so much better the more you invest into it

B Amanda Dickie
Revised set worth it!

The Arkham Horror LCG adds more Campaign feel to the world and adventures of your investigators in Arkham Horror. I loved the concept for an LCG that was ready to play with a single investment, instead of each playing having to shell out to build their deck. The revised version makes it even easier by having the investigator decks pre-build to make set up a breeze and it allows players to get a taste of the mechanics, get hooked in the story before investing in future expansions.

If you are looking for a card game that gives players a chance to build their own unique decks as you advance in the campaign along with some legacy style decision making that impacts your teams adventures from game to game I would recommend picking up Arkham Horror LCG. The card art is beautiful the designs are thematic and nice to look at and the variation in decisions/occurrences means each game feels unique even when revising the same campaign chapters.

Heroes can take damage, die or perish but continue in the campaign which gives it a bit of table top RPG or legacy game feel with less intense price tag and rules review.

Brent Henson
My favorite game just got better!

Arkham is my favorite board game out of 842 unique played games.

This latest revised core gets rid of having to buy two separate core boxes like the old FFG model followed.

Plus it includes a bag for drawing chaos tokens out of.

This box is a bit of a taste for Arkham TCG, but it only really starts shining once you add in another full cycle.

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