Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game

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Adam Thyssen
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For those of us with a childhood dinosaur obsession, I can't imagine a better game. Apex Theropod shines as solo game, allowing you to relive all those childhood fantasies of stomping around, devastating anything that gets in your way; feasting on the weak before doing battle with another giant befitting of your strength. You're given only a limited number of rounds to grow your tribe before the boss shows up, and you need to put all those eggs you've hatched to good use. The game builds to an amazing crescendo, as you're put to the test against the boss - probably before you really feel ready to do so. As such, the final battle is tense as you struggle to build the attack strength necessary to inflict enough damage to allow the fight to continue. It's crushing when you fall short and exhilarating when you succeed. As a multiplayer game, the rules as written are a bit weak - but there are a number of decent variants available from fans on BGG.The history of Apex Theropod is unfortunate. The game feels a bit rough around the edges, but the core concepts and execution are really exceptional. Presently, it is out of print, with the current rights holder tight-lipped about any future plans. If youre a dinosaur fan, or youve got one in the family, grab yourself a copy now before theyre gone.

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