Alien Frontiers (Fifth Edition)

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Artem Kostonyan
Instant favorite

My first worker placement game that became instant favorite. Sci-fi theme, fantastic art, and dice. It is on the longer side. Unfortunately, not everybody will be a fan of the area control element that doesn't work great with 2 players.

Jared Paton
Our favourite dice placement game

Pros: Art and components are excellent
Iconography is clear and easy to understand
Gameplay is smooth
Even though it's a dice rolling game, there are many ways to use and manipulate your dice

Cons: Turns can take a while, I will never again play with 5 players, I find three is the sweet spot
As a dice rolling game, before you gain the ability to manipulate your dice, the game can be frustrating
The number of choices can be overwhelming for a new player
The game can be mean, depending on what tech cards come up
Can be a runaway leader

How does it play with 2: Great! My wife and I enjoy Alien Frontiers quite a bit, it was one of the first games we bought when getting into the hobby. We have an early edition of the game, and have since bought an upgrade pack to make our components just a little bit better. Two player games take us about 25 minutes to play.

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