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Adventure Time: Card Wars - Collector's Pack Bundle

$94.95 CAD

$94.95 CAD

Based on the original Adventure Time episode featuring Card Wars, where Jake begs Finn to play his favorite trading card game. Eventually, Finn and Jake battle against each other to decide who will be the “Dweeb” and who will be the “Cool Guy”! Now fans can relive the hilarious action of Card Wars at home with 2-player Collector’s Packs from Cryptozoic Entertainment! Available only for pre-orders placed by May 4th, when you order one each of the 6 Card Wars Collector’s Packs you’ll receive an additional 15% off those titles.

Bundle Includes:
• 1x Collector’s Pack #1: Finn vs Jake
• 1x Collector’s Pack #2: BMO vs Lady Rainicorn
• 1x Collector’s Pack #3: Princess Bubblegum vs Lumpy Space Princess
• 1x Collector’s Pack #4: Ice King vs Marceline
• 1x Collector’s Pack #5: Lemongrab vs Gunter
• 1x Collector’s Pack #6: Fiona vs Cake

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