A Tale of Pirates

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Ed Chen
Poor instructions

Instructions were poor. Game is somewhat fun but very confusing throughout to understand what to do.

Martin Provencher
It was 10$

We got the game because it was 10$. Component looks great but the tube you move around get caught easly in the edges and the mass piece keeps falling. Low strategy and to much waiting for you timers to finish to do a single simple action and wait again for that timer again. The phone apps is mostly a timer even though it has some suprise event they are very limited. And again waiting for that app when you start there is very litle interaction, just keep track if there is something and when your done wait for the timer to end... if timers stress you and make you laugh go for it you’ll love it. I give it a 5/10 overall got to half of the mission but we will never play it again... 10$ you can’t go wrong

Cynthia Tisseur
Great game and super components

This game is very fun amd the components are very good. For 10$ its a must have!!

Greg Sinasac
For $10...

This game is a steal. It's simple and a lot of fun. The core mechanic of controlling your pirate ship via actions that you can only do by placing your sand timer in a spot and waiting until the 30 seconds is up is really fun. The only knock I have against this game is that it's kind of repetitive. They send 10 missions, and some of the missions have multiple rounds, and sometimes the set up for those rounds is -exactly the same-. Anyway, it's a fun, original game, and for $10 it's a steal!

Clinton Woodward
Great affordable fun

Bought this on sale here a few weeks ago and have enjoyed hours of adventure with the kids.
The app works great, has adjustable difficulty, and each of 10 chapters are different with a new package of components and cards to add to the game.
A steal at this price. Very unique game

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