A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

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Charles Nadeau
Test of Friendship

It can feel like your in Westeros when your friend backstabs you, then you have the satisfaction to see them crumble to your counter attack with your ally. Not a dull moment as you test the limits of your friendship. Guaranteed to get your blood boiling and ensure some laughs and the odd curse word.

Robert Kostiuk
Incredible game with 6 players

Unfortunately, if your game group is less than 6 players, the game can be quite broken. It's still a lot of fun with the high quality expected from Fantasy Flight. However, the Mother of Dragons expansion is 100% required if you want an enjoyable experience at a lower player count (which is why 3 stars was given instead of 5). Highly recommended!

Joshua McDonald
Back-Stabby Fun

Great game for friends that love to sit around a table for three hours, making alliances which everyone knows will eventually be broken. Works best with 3 or 6 players, I would not recommend 4 or 5.

What a Game!

It makes decisions hard but in an awesome gut wrenching way that few games can muster. It turns reading other players and the table into a wonderful experience. Dancing the line of what you can and can not get away with is rather magnificent. Mother of Dragons is great! Playmat is epic.

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