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12 Realms: Promo Invaders Pack

$6.00 CAD

$6.00 CAD

Ignazio Corrao
Publisher Game Salute
Players 1-6
Playtime 40 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
12 Realms

The promo Invaders Pack includes twelve cards and twelve tokens, three cards and three tokens for each of the following Realms: Cherry Blossom, Fairy Forest, Bones' Island, Silver Kingdom.

You can mix the Invader Cards in the existed Realms' Deck but always keep the balance. Remove the number of the Invaders from the main Realms' Deck and add the equivalent number of the Promo Invaders in the same deck in order to play.

The Promo Invaders represent creatures of the game but in their petrified form. Their role in the game is pretty much the same as the normal Invaders but all of them have something common. To win such an Invader, you must exploit the double amount of the needed Talents.

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