Bloodborne: The Board Game

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Joshua Onofrio
Tight and engaging

This is NOT a campaign game. They call them campaigns but it’s basically 3 chapters you have to run through and beat. It’s deck building and adventure.

Every round counts. The combat it exciting and deadly. This game is so much fun.

Recommend solo or 2 players max.

Joshua Williams
Wonderfully Disturbing

I loved the video game, and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the game giving me the same sense of foreboding, fear, and anxiety as the video game. Unfortunately, it’s CMON so there are a lot of expansions that you will likely want to buy. But the gameplay is great, player interaction awesome, solo play feel the same as multiplayer, and the mechanics are quite unique.

Nick Ciarleglio
Finally got this game

Looks very well made. The figurines are very well designed. Rules need some updating and correcting with the faq.

kieran berry
Lots of fun, once you get past the rulebook

There is a great deal of strategy and depth, with an exciting story and fantastic minis.
The most difficult part of the game is reading through the rulebook, and then needing to read through the pages of FAQ's online

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