Architects of the West Kingdom

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Jared Paton
Solid, but lacking and unsatisfying

I think Architects might be, for us, the weakest of the West Kingdom trilogy. Our biggest complaint is that the game ends far too fast. Building, the point of the game and the end game trigger, happens often enough that if you are playing with experienced players the game ends very quickly. Often so fast you don't have time to really dig into it. So good for new players, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a deep experience.

Lou-Ann Morin
Good and accessible worker placement

As noted in the title, the game is not too complex and can play quick enough. Very fluid, even at .maximum player count. Gorgeous comic type illustratiins.. A rare quality in worker placements : player interraction other than j
"Take that" cards. I recommend.

Chris Atkings
Simple worker placement with some strategy

Great solo game, you can't sit back or the Ai will take you workers from you and throw them in jail. The game is easy to jump into. Directions are easy to follow, icons on the board are straight forward on the actions you can take. This game would be easy to teach.

Jim Mallais
Great worker placement. 1 of my top ten games.

I love the way the worker placement system works. You can build up and a lot resources, but you are making yourself a target to be arrested by another player. It is take that system that is so much fun.

kieran berry
Great twist on worker placement

You start the game with all workers available to you! what an idea!
Turns are super quick, and there is a surprising level of player interaction for a euro game.
Once players understand the board it's a very easy game to play

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