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Mafia: Vendetta

$14.44 CAD

$14.44 CAD

Ilya Komarov
Fantasy Flight Games
Players 7-17
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Мафия: Вся семья в сборе (Mafia: Family business) is a game with extremely dramatic theme and gameplay. According to background legend, civilians have decided to get rid of the mafia presence in the city. Mafia members responded in pure "mafia style" – they, in turn, decided to get rid of all civilians. As two forces are unequal in numbers, the mafia gangsters must hide their identity, while doing everything possible to make civilians blame each other and “self-destruct”. The most dangerous opponents will be shot by mafia at night.

The game is divided into several phases. First, players choose the moderator of the game. After that, role cards are dealt randomly and players divide into teams of civilians and the mafia (including special roles). Then the night comes. In the night phase, all players hide their faces behind masks with no eye holes. However, the mafia doesn't sleep and goes hunting! During the first night, the mafia gangsters silently remove masks and get acquainted with each other. At following nights they can kill one of civilians. After the night is over, the “day” phase is played. At “daytime” the identity of the murdered is revealed. Then all players debate and exchange ideas about who is likely to be a member of the mafia. At the end of the day, there is a vote to decide who should be executed.

The game goes on, repeating all phases of the day-night cycle, until one of the teams will win by eliminating the opposition. The rules of the game are quite simple, but because of the spirit of mistrust, intrigue, suspicion and constant deception the game is very tense and exciting!

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