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Mafia the Party Game (Deluxe Edition)

$15.95 CAD

$15.95 CAD

Designer Matt D'Ambra
Publisher A'Postrophe Games
Players 7-36
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

The Mafia have infiltrated your town! You must find them and lynch them. Each day you, the civilians, will hold a town hall meeting to vote for a suspected Mafia to lynch. Get it right and you might survive. Get it wrong, and you're in danger because every night the Mafia secretly meet and choose a civilian to kill...

Mafia the Party Game has multiple unique roles that you won't find anywhere else. Each set comes with a Mafia logo pouch, Instruction booklet, 4 Mafia cards, 1 Detective, 1 Doctor, 16 Civilians (8 female, 8 male), 1 Godfather, 1 Barman, 2 Rival Mafia, 1 Cupid, 1 Lawyer, 1 Vigilante, 1 Undercover Cop, 1 Magician, 1 Serial Killer, 1 Postman, 1 Moderator, 1 Grandma with a Gun, and 1 Miller.

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