A change on how to hold order March 27 2014

This applies to Canada only

Since the store started, we have a shipping method called "HOLD - wait for more items" which allow customer to hold inventories, this allow customer to pay shipping once for a few orders together.  However, we found that it is confusing to other customers who would like to ship their orders right away.  As a result, we've changed the way how to HOLD orders.  From now on, Shipping will be charged on all Canada orders (unless there is a free shipping game in the order).  If you would like to hold orders, please put in the coupon code "Hold".  Note that when we see this coupon, we will not ship the order yet until we see a shipping charge or a free shipping game later, or if you specify in the order instruction that you would like to ship the order now.

Thanks so much everyone, and we apologize for the confusion that this may have caused.  It was intended to be a useful feature, but often leads to confusion.