The Red Dragon Inn 4

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Robert Jacobson
The event deck in this is an essential part of my RDI games

I bought this almost entirely just for the Sea Event Deck, which I found, when combined with the Dungeon Event Deck from RDI 6, can really speed up the game.

This pack contains 4 characters, 3 of which don't have their own mechanic, but one of those 3, Bryn, is my go-to character because her deck is so defensive. Really makes people think twice before attacking you.

As far as Red Dragon Inn itself goes, the game is one of my favourites, but I have several house rules to make up for glaring issues such as game length, unbalanced characters, and player elimination, as well as games for larger player counts.

I haven't felt like the characters in this pack needed any house rules to balance them, so I think it's a good starter option if you're new to Red Dragon Inn.

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