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Jet Set: Distant Lands - Expansion Set 1

In Stock

$29.95 CAD

Designer Kris Gould
Publisher Wattsalpoag Games
Players 2-6
Playtime 90 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up
Expands Jet Set

Jet Set: Distant Lands - Expansion Set 1
 is a set of expansions for Jet Set (including the Jet Set: Investor & Business Expansion, which was previously released alone) adding four new ways to play the game as well as 90 more Long and Short Flight Cards and 18 more Final Flight Cards. You can add the expansions individually or combine them for more fun:

  • Short Flight Card (50 cards)

- adds more Short Flight options

  • Long Flight Cards (40 cards)

- adds more Long Flight options

  • Final Flight Cards (18 cards)

- adds more Final Flight options

  • Investor (8 cards)

- injects money when Vacation cards are drawn based upon conditions mentioned on the card - e.g. receive €2 for each VP

  • Business (40 cards)

- allowing you to bend the rules - e.g. by placing free planes, by locking down an unclaimed Flight Card or by collecting tax money from the other players' income

  • Hubs (plastic hub markers, die-cut tokens for VP bonuses and income bonuses)

- adds bonuses for routing flights through certain cities

  • Distant Lands (two small boards, a deck of International flights cards, 12 city tokens)

- adds Intercontinental flights which are expensive but gives a good boost to income and VP

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