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Geometry Strategy

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$28.95 CAD

Anna Kristensson, Pernilla Molander
Games by BRIGHT of Sweden
Players 2-4
Playtime 15-60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

First player to place their Sphere on the Bullseye is the winner. How hard can that be?
Well, you have 1, 2, or 3 opponents with their sets of pieces trying to stop you, and take you out of the game.
Your Sphere has no defense and at the center of the board there's a Red Zone where everything changes….

Geometry Strategy is a strategic and tactic board game where even the element of luck is tactics.
A brand new classic game, with a Red Zone.


Each player aims to be the first to place their Sphere on the Bullseye to win the game.
The Sphere must be protected from other players who will try to take it out and thereby put you out of the game. At the same time you must stop the other players from reaching the Bullseye with their Spheres.
For defence as well as offense, each player has 9 pieces besides the Sphere to strategically and tactically play with as the game starts. All pieces have different rankings in challenges between them; though they all are able to capture the opponents’ Spheres.
If you think this doesn't sound hard enough, add a Red Zone where any player can enter and change the conditions of the game. Completely. Now, either you get blind sided by these changes every time, or you prepare yourself and play your game tactically.
Before the game starts, all players place their pieces on their quarter of the board. The Sphere and the Helix, your trump piece, have to start at your base line but the other pieces can be placed on squares of your choice. A Red Zone card is flipped to get the conditions for the Challenges; attacks, by showing the present rankings for the pieces.
Players take turns in a clockwise order. First player starts by moving one optional piece of their own color; one or two steps in any available direction. It is then the next player’s turn, and the game is on. Is your strategy to move your Sphere toward the Bullseye as soon as possible? Or to use your pieces to stop the other players to get there and then run for the goal in the end?
When two players’ pieces are within reach of each other it can lead to a Challenge, or attack, where a player can lose a piece. The piece with the highest ranking according to the present Red Zone condition wins the Challenge and takes the losing piece out of the game.
The players can choose to enter the Red Zone and change the conditions for the challenges.
As soon as a player enters the Red Zone, a new Red Zone card is flipped and the conditions of the challenges can be changed with new ranking orders for the pieces! It can be a good thing for one or more players, but it can also mean any advantage you’ve enjoyed is stripped away.
If a player’s Sphere is challenged, game is over for him/her.
Although, if you think you’re losing many pieces, as long as you have your Sphere you can still win the game.
First player to place his/her Sphere at the Bullseye is the winner!

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