Captain Sonar

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Vince Carpini
All Hands on Deck

While it's hard to recommend this game if you have only 2 or 4 players, it becomes an absolute must-play if your group is 6 to 8. Every role is interesting, intense and funny. No sooner will you have lured the enemy sub onto a mine then everyone will be demanding another go.

Andrew Rutherford
Direct hit

Best at 6-8 players, it’s a fast paced and tense game that gets everyone involved. We always have a good laugh after each round. The player count can make it hard to get to the table often, but when we do it’s always a blast. Play a couple turns in turn-based, but after you get the hang of the order of operations, reset and jump into real-time.

Kam Chan
Awesome party game

Really fun 4 vs real life action battle ship for grown ups

Matthew McKenzie
There's no other game quite like Captain Sonar

Captain Sonar is a fantastic experience...with the right people. It works best at 6 or 8 and if everyone is on board it's an incredible, stressful, action packed several minutes. It plays in real time. Four versus four. Each player controls a different part of the sub and only true teamwork will determine the winner.

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