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Joshua Williams
Best Coop Experience

Firstly the price is outrageous, and I honestly believe it’s too expensive for what you get. But if you find it on sale, pick it up immediately. Lots of replayability as you change the map layouts, change the difficulty, and change the characters you’re playing as. A great puzzle for a group to work out.

Margaux Yiu
Great heist co-operative simulation

Everything about the description of Burgle Bros. appeals to me: heist, check; co-op, check; retro-ish comic artwork, check; variable board layout, check; variable player powers, check!

As a co-op, there is opportunity for quarterbacking if you have players who aren’t that invested or don’t want to give their opinions. But group discussion is ideal because coordinating what each team member is going to do to either get the goods or distract the guards is key. Hey, it might not feel like your character is getting to do the exciting stuff, but heists are a team effort and everyone’s contribution makes the difference between success and failure.

True to theme, the game feels tight and exciting, with the tension ratcheting up the further you go. Hilariously, what you steal from the vaults generally hinders your progress, but maybe that’s true to theme, too?

Despite the small box size, the game itself can take up a lot of table space as you construct up to 3 floors of a building.

Great game.

Lindsay de Leeuw

My favourite co-op with interesting characters and nice art! Highly recommend!

Sam Cheung

This is an interesting and fun game if you're really into heist films. It perfectly encapsulates the cheesy b movie feel of a heist film, with some solis co op mechanics.

Doug Zabransky
Great theme, fun co-op

Lots of fun, and no issue with quarterbacking. Each class is unique. Only problem is that sometimes the most effective action is to pass your turn, which isn't very fun.

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