Black Orchestra (Second Edition)

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Peter Dobias
Great co-op game

A fun game with an interesting theme.

Ivan Staroversky
One of the best co-op and WWII games.

I agree. This is one of my favorite games as well. This is not something that you will play too often but several times per year. Well worth having in the collection. It also has a very good educational component.

Dana Olson
Best co-op game to date

I LOVE this game. You play as a number of WWII-era Nazi party conspirators as they attempt to pull off an assassination of Adolf Hitler. You move around Europe, collecting what you need to pull off the plots, wait for the perfect timing and situation, and then put your plots in motion. All the while, Hitler and his deputies are also moving around having meetings and hunting down the defectors. Hitler's military strength fluctuates, making a successful plot more or less difficult to pull off at times, even when all other elements are lined up perfectly.It treats the subject matter with respect, feels very thematic, yet somehow still is also fun. And it's a shared fun, as you work together with the other players and truly co-operate, as opposed to some co-op games where one person basically calls the shots (ahem, Pandemic). Set each other up for success, bail each other out of jail, and finish off Hitler before he finishes off himself.Highly recommend this one.

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