Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat

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Samuel Lamontagne
"Life is cheap, BattleMechs aren't."

This game is an 80's classic. The rules are plenty, but the learning curve is soft enough to allow players to play with only the amount of rules they're comfortable with. This package contains everything needed for two players to field each a team (Lance) of four BattleMechs to face each other on a two-mapsheets playing area. It has: eight (8) beautifully sculpted hard plastic figurines, all unique, no repeat; two six-sided dice, character sheets and Alpha Strike (a BattleTech-lite game) cards, a sturdy quick rules reference card printed on cardstock, two double-sided paper mapsheets and a novella and a primer to set the mood of the game. The rulebook contains all the basic rules, some more advanced rules, construction rules to create your own 'Mechs, several training scenarios that are easy enough to set up but have enough variation that they'll never play the same way. In itself, this box is fully playable as is and is great fun!

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