Baseball Highlights: 2045 (Regular 2017 Edition)

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Mark Whittam
Excellent 2 Player Game

This is a quick playing and really fun game that has the basic concepts of baseball, and shines as a 2 player game whether or not you like the sport. It combines deck building, hand management, and action selection in a clever design that rewards out-thinking your opponents during each game, and at the between game free agent draft. The game plays 1 to 4 players although if you have more than 2 players you essentially play a mini tournament of two player games against the other players at the table, and if there is just one player the solo variant is both easy to manage and quite challenging. It's excellent, addictive, and highly recommended.

Phil Campeau
Solid little deck builder

What a fun and clever idea for a game! The basic concepts of baseball are all there, so it's easy enough to teach to anyone whose ever held a baseball bat. Quite honestly, even if you haven't, it's pretty straight-forward.

The hand management and deck building aspects are just tricky enough to ensure lots of replayability.

Joel Timmerman
Arguably the best 2 player game out there

Whether or not you like baseball as a sport, Baseball Highlights 2045 is one of the best 2 player games out there (and one I have enjoyed every time I have played it). Combining deck building and action selection in a competitive format that encourages out-thinking your opponent both during the rounds and between rounds, the theme is both present and unnecessary (ie - if you like baseball, you'll love it, and if you don't like baseball, you'll still enjoy the game mechanics). Highly recommended and very addictive.

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