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Capstone Games  |  SKU: CSGABTOW01

Wandering Towers (English Edition)

$47.95 CAD
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Designer Michael Kiesling
Wolfgang Kramer
Publisher Capstone Games
Players 2-6
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Expansions Wandering Towers (English Edition) - Mini-Spell Expansion #1
Wandering Towers (English Edition) - Mini-Spell Expansion #2
Wandering Towers: Mini-Spell Expansion #3

Each year, the graduating classes of the Ravenrealm Magic School compete to demonstrate their mastery of magic. For the final exam, all the wizards of each class must assemble at the legendary Ravenskeep… but every last one of them has procrastinated, distracted by learning new spells. They’ve also used all their potions—they can’t show up unprepared, with empty potion bottles!

Help your wizards get to Ravenskeep as quickly as possible. Using their magic they could even move the very towers atop which they stand to get there more easily! But how can they refill their potion bottles along the way? Well, here’s a little secret: Trapping wizards allows you to capture some of their magical essence in a bottle…

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bruno B
Another Kiesling & Kramer masterpiece.

This is a great game. It looks simple, fill up your potions and get your wizards into Ravenskeep and you win... not so fast! To fill an empty potion you have to imprison a wizard under a tower and everytime you put a wizard into Ravenskeep that tower moves to a new location completely changing your strategy. This game keeps you on your toes at all time, don't get distracted for a moment because a tower could imprison one of your wizards without you noticing and you could waste a turn lifting the wrong tower trying to find him. Plays up to 6 and has lots of replayabilty with the different set of spells you can choose each game. The game is short and engaging enough that players will ask for another go at it right away. Highly recommend.

Andrew Jones
Wandering Towers Happiness

This game caught my eye and I'm so glad I bought it. The cutouts were very easy to assemble and I like it that the cut outs had their own spaces in the box. This made it really easy to play a quick game. The game is simple for new players but there is strategy that makes it more challenging. I would recommend this game to any level of gamers from new to experts.

Damon Carron
Wandering Chaos

A Definitive Popcorn thrower of great times and laughter. You will love this game young and old.

Christian Gasse

great game great service, this game is not complicated for lesser players and for the novices.


This is quite possibly the perfect family-weight game:
- Simple to teach rules
- Light-hearted interaction
- Quick turns and it doesn’t out-stay its welcome

The only downside is the one-time initial set-up of the towers. They did design the insert to accommodate everything, so that’s a plus! I find it difficult to comprehend a group this game would not charm.