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Happy Camper  |  SKU: HCG200


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Designer 宮野 華也 (Kaya Miyano)
Publisher Happy Camper
Players 3-5
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up

nana, which was later reprinted as Trio, is a card game in which players are looking for three of a kind.

The deck consists of 36 cards, numbered 1-12 three times. Players receive some cards in hand, which they are required to sort from low to high, and the remaining cards are placed face down on the table.

On your turn, choose any single card to reveal, either the low or high card from a player's hand (including your own) or any face-down card from the table. Then, do this again. If the two cards show the same number, continue your turn; if they do not, return the cards to where they came from and end your turn.

If you reveal three cards showing the same number, take these cards as a set in front of you. If you are the first player to collect three sets, you win — except that a player wins immediately if they collect the set of 7s or two sets that add or subtract to 7, e.g., 4s and 11s.

Note that nana and Trio contain identical components, but nana is labeled for 2-5 players, while Trio is labeled for 3-6 players. Trio has slight changes to the rules, with players using all cards no matter the player count. Additionally, you play in normal mode — winning with three sets or the 7s — or "spicy" mode, winning with two linked sets or the 7s. Finally, Trio includes rules for playing in teams with four or six players.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy short game to play!

Easy to learn combination of matching and go fish game. Technically could play this with a normal deck of cards but the design is nice and vibrant. Cards are also slightly bigger than normal.

Morgan W.

This is a super fun, simple game. Not easy, but simple. Takes less than 2 minutes to teach and after bringing this to a dinner with my in-laws they immediately went to get their own copy to play with their friends. I've heard it referred to as "Go Fish for gamers" and I think that is pretty accurate.

Mike Joyce

Shockingly fun combomnation of go fish and memory. Great for families and gamers

Jason Woolley
Simply a Great Game

Fast, Simple and Fun!!
My family loves sitting around playing TRIO and enjoying our time together. Fantastic Game!!!!


If you can't get NaNa, this is the next best thing. Fun quick card game.