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Geekach Games  |  SKU: GMG040

For Northwood! A Solo Trick-Taking Game

$22.95 CAD
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Designer Wilhelm Su
Publisher Geekach Games
Players 1
Playtime 15-30 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

For Northwood! Is a solo hand management and precision trick-taking game. Your objective is to peacefully unify the kingdom of Northwood through conversations with their rulers. Over eight rounds, you must visit eight animal fiefs and engage their rulers in dialogue (tricks). Each ruler's suit represents the trump for that fief. Each ruler also requires you to win an exact number of tricks to join your alliance, so the game gets harder as your options dwindle.

You start with four allies, each with an ability that you can use once per visit. These abilities can make you draw, discard, or otherwise manipulate your hand to help you hit the target score. Once you've won a ruler over, you can pull them in to substitute temporarily for one of your allies, if you need a more specific set of abilities to tackle the harder fiefs.

With multiple difficulty levels, 24 rulers (12 used per game), and a 16-scenario challenge booklet, For Northwood! offers hours of gameplay with a new puzzle every time!

Winner of *Best Overall Game* and *Jury Prize* in the 2021 BGG 54-card contest.
Also winner of *Best Art*, *Best Solo Game*, and *Best New Designer*!

-description from designer

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patrycja Zuk
Super Solo!

A great little game to play alone. Interesting card manipulation powers to help with the trick taking. Cute art! Highly recommended.

Tempted to get another copy

One proper win after ~20 plays, and still not tired of it. I loan out my first copy to a friend, and regret quite a bit. Might get a backup copy to keep at home.


Tricky Solitaire Perfection.

David Shaw
Clever, engaging little gem!

Love this small card-based solo game. Very clever puzzle, lots of replayability with random distribution of allies, as well as a book with puzzles of increasing difficulty included.
Cannot recommend this enough for a ~20min solo experience. I have yet to play a perfect game but I am motivated to keep playing after ~20 plays. The artwork is lovely - very cute and engaging!

Frederic Filiatrault
Super jeu pour parties rapides

Super jeu à emporter en voyage ou pour combler un petit 15 minutes. Ça me rappelle les parties de 500 avec mes grands parents, mais en solo avec une thématique sympathique. Qualité des cartes excellentes! Attention, la boîte sera trop petite si vous utilisez des sleeves