Gutenberg (Portal Games Edition)

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Scott Bordeleau
Thematic Well Produced Game Gutenberg

If you enjoy a game where every decision matters and timing means so much than this game will shine for you.

Christopher Parr
Requires a lot more thinking and planning than expected!

My gaming group really enjoyed this one. Was a lot more thinky than anticipated, and you constantly have to adjust your plans when opponents scoop up the orders and inks that you want/need. The blind bidding to determine turn order for each action is a great mechanism! Upgraded components.

Melanie Sattori
Printing Pioneers

At first I was worried this game would be on the more complicated end. However, with a theme that flows and follows the board top to bottom, it was very easy to understand actions after playing the first round.
There's something very satisfying and enjoyable about fulfilling orders in the game given the interesting mechanisms and the awesome components. (Import English / Polish version)

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