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Chris Atkings
Build wood related items!

*Solo Review* Information overload then some! The game NEEDS a player aid card! Some actions that you can take are not shown on the board, only in the rulebook. That's ok since you can't have every rule posted on the game itself. Something you'll need to keep in the back of your mind when playing.

Once this complicated action game is understood it flows well. The learning curve is high on this one, once you start rolling you'll have no problems seeing how it runs.

Give it a chance and you will be pleased.

Jamie Maltman

Loving it at 2P and 4P so far. Action wheel makes for really fun choices, and feels like a more interesting iteration on his ideas from Praga before.

Chad Brown

Woodcraft (Rio Grande Games Edition)

Nicole Adam
Knot Just Another Game

Having only played at 2 and solo I can say this is a puzzle I just keep coming back to. In a game where you need to prioritize your actions, this game just keeps challenging me to refine my decisions and do better next time.

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