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Paul T.

Using the Hostage Negotiator system, Final Girl is very thematic, easy to play, and provides am immersive, on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience.

Alina Nowak
Fantastic solo player game.

This is a great series if you want to play something quickly. Not difficult to learn and games are generally under an hour. Love the nostalgia

Jason Kennedy
Can't Win! Don't Care!

This little box of 20 minute madness is a great little game that I genuinely cannot figure out. I may move on to some new Feature Films just to get a WIN CONDITION! *I'm playing Hans at Camp Happy Trails

Madonna Davis
Hostage Negotiator but BETTER~!

If you love horror movies and enjoy playing solo, this game is for you!

Final Girl gives you that hope, despair, tension and high that comes from a horror movie and puts it in a card management game. Even just one of the featurette boxes (each includes one killer, one map and two final girls) has tons of replay ability. It takes multiple playthroughs to see all the different cards in one featurette box. Want a challenge? Then 'Extreme Horror' mode is for you. You can also mix up the different featurette boxes, picking a killer, a map and a Final Girl from different boxes.

All featurettes boxes play tribute to the horror movies or scary stories we love, so you can pick your favorites. Love 'Friday the 13th'? Pick Happy Trails of Horror. More of a Freddy fan? Go with Frightmare on Maple Lane. Love 'The Thing' or 'Alien'? Well its coming out in Series 2 of Final Girl~! Each Killer and Map has it's own surprises or unique mechanics.

You really feel like you are in a horror story. Here's some examples:

If you roll poorly when trying to run, it's like your girl tripped and fell in her panic.
Did you take time to focus up in hopes of getting more dice? Your girl just took a deep breath and talked herself into being courageous!
Two victims are alone at Makeout Point with a killer coming out of the lake towards them.... You know what their doing... and will dead because it's a horror movie. ^.^
The killer hits you and you lose all your health, flipping your last health token to see you got three extra hearts? The Killer thought he killed you and as he walks away with your blood on his hands, you gasp and stagger two your feet for one final fight~!

If you love the struggle of being that one lone survivor at the end of a horror movie or story, this is for you. Wanna play with your friend or partner? Get an extra core box, both of you pick a featurette box and set up on the same table. Sometimes two brains are better then one when facing death in the face...

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