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Love Sea Salt & Paper!

As many others have said, this is a great game: quick with a variety of play strategies to keep it interesting.
The origami artwork is unique and beautiful.
And, finally... Small, sturdy, reusable box for the cards that doesn't waste space even with a bit of room for a few expansion cards. So useful! Wish more game manufacturers would keep this in mind.

PS - The Extra Salt expansion cards add some new card types with interesting interaction with existing cards.

... Another game discovery from playing online at!

Eustace Ng
Easy to learn, tons of fun

Rules are simple and gameplay is snappy. Requires strategic thinking as you react to other players’ actions, but turns go by quickly and don’t ever feel bogged down by the time taken to think. Games are quick and fluid, each game can also be played across multiple short burst sessions. Small and compact package makes it great for travel. The origami artwork are a pleasure to look at. 2, 3 or 4 players and the game plays well at all player counts. Tons of fun!

Great game!

The design is so simple and great. The cards are so well thought through. All the information is on each card (how many of that collection, what it pairs with if it’s a duo card, colour symbols for colour blind players) and yet they remain a super clean design.
Plays small so you don’t need a lot of space
Plays quickly and is a really overall great game.

Megan Watts
under the sea

This game is super cute. I absolutely love all of the art featured on the cards. It plays well and isn't very complicated but it's a lot of fun🧜🏻‍♀️🐡

P Doyle
A delightful game for two!

We took Sea Salt & Paper on an international trip (with a few other two-person games), and it quickly became our favorite. The game is compact and can be played on a small surface, and you can play a single short round or multiple rounds (accumulating points). The artwork is beautiful, and the gameplay is dynamic, especially with the "stop" vs "last chance" decision. Highly recommend!

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