Age of Innovation

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Victor Nguyen
Beautifully Thinky

It's a heavy thinker of a game, but once you get to grips with the options in front of you, the game feels like it opens up for a lot of creative strategies that unfold in a satisfying way. Definitely needs multiple plays with the same people. It's a very pretty game and the components are great. If only it had a more elegant storage solution than the many plastic bags it's utterly filled with.

Age of Innovation is my Top game

Amazing game for those who are looking for a heavier more strategy based game. Age adds to the Terra Mystica world by adding a unique faction draft at the beginning making every game different than the last. As well as a new resource “books” that you will use to craft powerful point making innovations to gain you big points or powers. Where Terra Mystica is very consistent, Age of Innovation turns that on its head and adds a lot of variety.

Eric Barrette
Better than TM

Love TM but AoI is replacing it for us.

ugo yougo
Best game available

In this third inception of the game we return to a more classic terra mystica but the replay ability is virtually infinite. It’s in my opinion the best game ever

Philippe Leger

Age of Innovation

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