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Take it Higher!

$31.95 CAD

$38.95 CAD$31.95 CAD

Designer Peter Burley
Reiner Knizia
Burley Games
Players 1-8
Playtime 25 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up


This game takes "Take it Easy!" as a basis and adds three new elements. First of all the tiles are octagonal, with four scoring lines running through them. Secondly, the center of the tiles are either silver or gold giving you additional bonus points once you score a colored line where all the tile centers are silver or gold (9/10 bonus points per tile). Finally, when you complete a colored line, you might be able to put a rocket ship of the corresponding color on the tile you just placed. These rockets are available from the start of the game on numbered circles on the individual playing boards. At the end of the game you will receive bonus points for the highest empty space that has no rocket ships lower than it.

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