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Aurora  |  SKU: DGCH01

Crime Hotel (French Edition)

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Designer Susumu Kawasaki
Publisher Aurora
Players 3-4
Playing Time 30-45 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Note: This game is in French. For a preview, English rule can be found here.

In a prestigious hotel located deep in the mountains, a murderous crime has occurred. There is no trace of the murderer, but only the sound of a gun-shot and the victim’s scream in horror echoes in the lonely hotel. The killer is still hiding in one of the hotel rooms, waiting for his chance to escape. You are the detectives who are trying to find where he is hiding. Your only evidence is the number of empty rooms in your hand. Who will be the one to find the murderer’s room?

Crime Hotel is a trick-taking game in which the players become the inspectors who are trying to find the room in which the criminal is hiding. Each round, the players who played the highest card and the lowest card can guess in which room the criminal is hiding. The more rounds you play, the closer you get to the truth. The players score points based on their guesses and the closer they are to the correct room, the more points they receive.

Each round, the hotel rooms will light up one by one, leading you closer to the answer — and the closer you get to the answer, the higher the tension becomes. Even if you know the answer, you have to think strategically since you have to play highest or lowest card to be able to make your guess before the others. Like solving a real crime, you have to collect all the clues and use your powers of deduction. Who will be the one to find the criminal?

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helen Pang
Crime Hotel (French Edition)

We haven't been able to gather as a group to play this new game. As it is the French edition, it will be necessary to download the instructions first. I was able to find a site which will allow this step. Looking forward to playing the game once we are able to schedule a Game Night.


Never disappointed with product or price

Janice Ammons
Better art and theme than its predecessor (Spy Tricks)

light trick-taking with deduction and hedging. I prefer the mat of Crime Hotel to that of Spy Tricks. Unfortunately, the cards are tiny in both versions. The rules overhead in Crime Hotel is just slightly more involved due to the inclusion of a power board.