Memoir '44

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Thomas Samson
Fun intro game for kids

Lots of fun great game for young kids to learn boardgames. My son loves playing and the minis that come with it and he even got to learn a little WW2 history with each scenario summary. Now can't wait for expansions to get reprinted

Adrian Huisman
War Game

Fun war game with pretty simple rules and not complex gameplay. I just wish I could find more expansions these days.

Julian Nimmo

I fondly remember buying the plastic army guys at the store to play with anywhere. This game takes that nostalgia and skyrockets it into the stratosphere. Memoir 44 seeks to capture the memorable battles during one of the 20th century's bloodiest periods with emotional consideration for everyone. Each battle scenario features historical background of what took place during the battle is entertaining. The goal to win is unique; the tactical card play is engaging; the feeling of one lone soldier still having the full might of a whole unit is powerful - I love it. If you love war games but streamlined, and takes half the time as Risk, this is for you.

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