5-Minute Dungeon

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Jordan Allen

5-Minute Dungeon

Logan Arnold
Harmless Filler but Not for Me

a quick and breezy real time filler, wish it was in a smaller box. great with the family.

Ivhan Rusli
Fast team work required!

Definitely a team game. It’s real time and plays fast!

Everyone I’ve introduced it to loves it and picks it up really quick.

Can’t miss with this one!

Mitch Saunders
Quick fun to end a session

5 Minute Dungeon is a great filler-game when you've got time to kill waiting for everyone to show up to game night. It's insane, frantic fun that sucks everyone in immediately. It's best in small doses (2 rounds per night is my cap), and I do worry about the balance at lower player counts, but I never miss an opportunity to introduce new players to this game.

Shelly Delmaire
Easy to learn, fun to play!

Addicting gameplay that keeps you coming back to try and beat the bosses.

We played this with our 10 year old nephew, he loved it and didn't want to stop playing.

I lent my copy to a friend with three kids. She told me they played for 3.5 hours one night and that they were definitely going to get a copy.

Great game to play with kids. Co-operative means no one feels slighted by another person and no one gets upset for not winning. Basically, no fights! Everyone's happy!

Highly recommend!

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