A Gentle Rain (Hobby Edition)

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A Gentle Rain (Hobby Edition)

So glad they brought this back. Made very well and the pieces are beautiful.

Queenie Ho
A Gentle rain

Great solo game. Tha game is so simple and easy to learn. I am so glad to pick up the reprint.

Jocelyn Robitaille
Super chill

The game is pretty simple, but there's something very relaxing in the patterns you're building. This is a great game to pull out if you need to stretch out your mind for a bit at the office.

Melanie Sattori
Relax in the Gentle Rain

I love pulling this game out when I want a relaxing solo game to distract me from my day. The components are of excellent quality making it satisfying to place them out on the table. As the rules state, you can keep score or not, either way its a great, compact solo game that I'm always willing to pull off the shelf and play.

Trevor Arat
Quick Solo Game

This game is very portable and can be played in 10-15 minutes. It's very fun and has a beautiful table presence as the tiles come out. It is heavy on luck of the draw, which can be a turn off to some people, but because it plays so quickly and is very rules light that shouldn't be too much of a concern in A Gentle Rain.

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