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Repos Production  |  SKU: MED-EN01

7 Wonders: Architects: Medals

$26.95 CAD
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Designer Antoine Bauza
Publisher Repos Production
Players 2-7
Playtime 25 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Expansion For 7 Wonders: Architects

7 Wonders: Architects – Medals brings new elements to the table for the 7 Wonders: Architects base game, without adding anything to the game's playing time.

First, this expansion includes two new wonders — Ur and Rome — to give players more choices for what to build.

Second, new science tokens exist that can be mixed with the original ones, tokens that give you the ability to, for example, keep military cards that you would normally discard or always have the cat ability available to you.

Finally, this expansion includes a new game element: medals. At the start of play, draw a random medal and place it face up between each pairing of players. (Each pairing already has a card rack between it, so now two items will be present.) When either of these players meets the conditions showing on a medal, they claim the medal and turn it face down, earning 4vp for this medal at game's end.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Nice expansion.

Rylan Oakley

Can be added to the base game easily without learning a bunch of new rules or changing the base game.

Bradley Martin
Simple, fun addition.

Simple and fun addition. Can play it and its expert variant full on, even with newcomers.

Scott Brownlee
Simple but fun

Just like 7 Wonders Architects itself, this expansion is a breeze to learn and play. It adds enough to the base game to be worth buying, but doesn't overcomplicate or slow down game play. Architects is a nice, light game with good production values, and it makes for a great quick intro game or warmup. Medals adds one more item to track, which is a fun addition and another path to victory. The new Wonders and progress tokens are also well done.