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Broken Token - Ashes Organizer

$34.95 CAD

$34.95 CAD

Product Description

Your demi-gods are prepared to battle for civilization and godliness, but who will save your game shelf from sprawling expansions? Enter The Broken Token Ashes Organizer, compatible with Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and its expansions. Three removable bits boxes feature 12 compartments, enough to accommodate and organize the tokens and dice from the base game and expansions listed below. Two card rows with 10 included adjustable dividers offer ample space for all your Phoenixborn, spell and unit cards, with room for more. Fit all this in the base game box and you'll be reigning in chaos and ascending to power in no time!


  • Includes 10 adjustable dividers
  • Supports sleeved cards.
  • Accommodates base game and the following expansions in the base game box:
    • Dimona Odinstar
    • The Roaring Rose
    • The Frostdale Giants
    • The Duchess of Deception
    • The Children of Blackcloud
    • Orrick Gilstream
    • Lulu Firststone
    • The Song of Soaksend
    • The Path of Assassins
    • The Masters of Gravity
    • The Laws of Lions
    • The Goddess of Ishra
    • The Boy Among Wolves.

Outer organizer dimensions: 11.26" x 11.26" x 2.64"

Download ORG055 Ashes Organizer.

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