Ginkgopolis (New Edition)

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Troy Seltenrich
Not as difficult to understand as some people make it out to be.

You choose to play a single card each turn to either activate an existing building (tile on top of any stack), build over an existing building, or expand with a new building. You discard all played cards except ones you use for the build over an existing building action, which instead go into your tableau. These tableau cards will now either provide rewards for your future activation, build over, or expansion actions beyond what you'd normally get or offer bonuses for end game scoring. The trick is to manage your limited resources effectively as building over always costs at least 2, and expanding at least one and your ability to build an engine to gather said resources efficiently is steeped in chaos and compromise. The subgoal is to then balance your build and expand options to maximize your area control and minimize your opponents. Ginkgopolis is something special and was easily worth the import cost to get an opportunity to dive in without delay.

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