Colt Express: BIG BOX (English Edition)

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Nick Perry
Great new edition!

Colt Express was my gateway game into board games. So when I heard about this it was an instant buy. Especially since when I got the original game the expansions were absolutely impossible to find. This big box is twice as big making room for both those expansions plus a new one that will be released later in 2022. There is an error in the pamphlet made for this box it says there are 16 goal cards for the Marshall deck, but there is only actually 15(7 from the base + 8 for each Bandit). It took me a good 20 minutes to figure it was just a mistake in the sheet and not that I was missing a card.

I had some slight damage to the insert, but not enough to take away from the value. Easy fix with some tape, and its on the inside so it won't be seen. It was just from the way they pack the cards inside, they could add a little bit of paper to buffer the cards to adjust for this

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