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Queen Games  |  SKU: QNG04422

Alhambra: Designers' Expansions Box

$66.95 CAD
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Designer Rüdiger Dorn
Mike Elliott
Stefan Feld
Dirk Henn
Emanuele Ornella
Louis-David Péloquin
Michael Rieneck
Marko Ruskowski
Frank Sander
Michael Schacht
Stefan Schiltz
Macel Süßelbeck
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Publisher Queen Games
Players 2-6
Playtime 45-60 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Originally available as part of the Alhambra Designers' Edition Kickstarter. This expansion contains 14 expansion modules by 9 famous designers, plus 3 fan expansion modules.

The expansions are:
Dirk Henn: New Building Grounds
Dirk Henn: Major Construction Projects
Emanuele Ornella: Palace Staff
Emanuele Ornella: Orchards
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Travelling Craftsmen
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Bathhouses
Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Wishing Well
Marco Ruskowski & Marcel Süßelbeck: Fresh Colors
Marco Ruskowski & Marcel Süßelbeck: Palace Designers
Michael Schacht: Alhambra Zoo
Michael Rieneck: Gates without End
Mike Elliott: Buildings of Power
Rüdiger Dorn: Extensions
Stefan Feld: Handymen

Fan Expansion Modules:
Louis-David Péloquin: Personal Building Market
Frank Sander: Treasures
Stefan Schiltz: Caliph‘s Guidelines

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