Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island


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Jared Paton
The worst of the first three

This adventure game is the worst of the three that have been released at the time of this review. One big complaint I have with the series, is that when you choose a point of interest to investigate, there is no correlation between how important you think it will be to the story and how important it really is. If there's a bloody dagger or a vial of glowing liquid on a shelf, and you choose to look at it, there's an equal chance it will be something critically important or just something neat to look at. The problem with this is that you have nothing to base any choices on, so you spend a lot of time examining every single clue. Frustrating, but at least the story makes the game interesting. This entry into the series is the most guilty of doing this. Every action is a shot in the dark as to how useful or important it will be. Coupled with the massive amount of reading and long playtime, we really didn't enjoy this game at all.

Taha Afyouni
Another fun entry in the Adventure Games series

While my least favorite of the three Adventure Games, I still really enjoy this system and would recommend to anyone who enjoys narrative/story/detective games! This one is considerably longer than the previous two games.

Ed Chen
Interesting story line

Highly immersive and great for small parties.

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