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Was klotzt du?

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This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Inka Brand
Markus Brand
Publisher HUCH! & friends
Players 2-12
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Honors 2013 Guldbrikken Best Parlor Game Nominee

Note: This game is in German

In Was klotzt du?, the players try to explain a concept using a set of wooden blocks.

The game is played in timed rounds. In each round, one player is the explainer, while the other players try to guess the concept. The explainer receives a set of 24 blocks (consisting of 11 brown blocks and 13 blocks of other colours). He is also given a card which tells him the concept that he has to explain using the blocks. He may not talk or make sounds, though he may move the blocks. He can also give a hint by placing one of his non-brown blocks in one of the circles on the board that show different categories.

If one of the other players successfully guesses the concept, he gets the card and the block used to give a hint (if any). Then, all non-brown blocks are placed aside, and the explainer receives a new card, and continues to explain the new concept with the remaining blocks. This continues until the time runs out, after which the results are scored. The explainer receives points for each concept he has explained, and each other player receives points for each concept he has guessed. Each concept is worth 1 to 4 points, depending on the amount of non-brown blocks that have been set aside. The more blocks that have been used during the round, the higher the value of the concepts.

Now, a new round begins, and the next player becomes the explainer. The game ends after each player has been the explainer thrice; the player who has gathered the most points wins.

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